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G&G Raises Fund for Children in Need


The first G&G International Padel Tournament ended perfectly on July 14, 2019. The 7-day games attracted 372 padel players and over thousands of audiences to the courts, raising over 10.400€ for the Children's Oncology Unit of the Hospital of Alicante.

Alvaro Cepero Rodriguez, ranking 29th of the World Padel Tour, expressed it was his pleasure to attend the game sponsored by G&G. “This was a great event, combining the sports and charity. I would like to attend again if G&G has more games like this in the future.” He added.

G&G Raises Fund for Children in Need

“G&G not only provides good products and good service, but also takes social responsibility and initiative to benefit the society and community. G&G International Padel Tournament in Spain was a good try. G&G will continue to bring healthy, eco-friendly life to our customers. ” Mr. Jon Chan, Global Branding Manager of G&G, commented, “By this chance we G&G sincerely thank for the support from our distributor, local government, media friends and our customers. This event would not be such a success without their help and assistance! ”


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